Account Bans

Why is my account banned?

Easy Anti-Cheat helps game publishers detect and prevent the use of cheats or other tools that are designed and used to grant players an unfair in-game advantage. When Easy Anti-Cheat flags an account for cheating, the game publisher may subsequently decide to suspend or ban the account from playing again.

How can I ensure I don't get banned for cheating?

To ensure your account does not get banned, use only trusted machines to play on secured servers. If you are not sure whether or not the machine you are using to play may have cheats installed, do not play the game.

Never share your account or give out your password to anyone.

I wasn't playing when my account got banned!

When cheating is detected on an account, the ban may not be applied right away. You don't need to be online for the ban to be issued on the account.

I want more information about my account ban!

We do not disclose the cheats that were detected while connected to a secured server that resulted in an account ban. We have detailed records for each cheat detection, however, releasing this information would only benefit cheat developers. However, you can send us a ban appeal and request an investigation of your account ban. The Easy Anti-Cheat team investigates each claim of false cheat detections to guarantee the accuracy of each decision taken by Easy Anti-Cheat.

Go here to submit a ban appeal.